Electro House EDM, short for Electronic Dance Music, is a genre that combines elements of electronic music and house music, known for its energetic beats, heavy basslines, and vibrant synths. It has gained significant popularity in the electronic music scene and has evolved over the years, giving rise to various subgenres within the Electro House genre.

The origins of Electro House can be traced back to the emergence of house music in the 1980s and the development of electronic music in the following decades. It gained traction in the early 2000s and since then, numerous artists and DJs have contributed to its evolution, creating their unique styles and subgenres within the genre.

Certain characteristics define Electro House EDM, including its distinctive beats and rhythms that are designed to get people moving on the dance floor. The genre prominently features synthesizers and basslines, which form the foundation of its energetic sound. Energy and buildups are crucial components, creating anticipation and intensity throughout the tracks. Vocals and sampling are also common in Electro House, adding another layer of interest and creativity to the music.

Several influential artists and DJs have made significant contributions to the Electro House EDM genre. The Prodigy, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix are some notable names that have shaped and pushed the boundaries of the genre, each with their unique styles and contributions.

Numerous tracks and hits have become synonymous with Electro House EDM, with artists like Martin Garrix, Knife Party, Zedd ft. Foxes, and Avicii creating chart-topping tracks that have become anthems of the genre.

The impact and influence of Electro House EDM in the music industry have been substantial. It has dominated festival stages and club scenes worldwide, setting trends and influencing other genres and artists. The genre continues to evolve and adapt to the changing musical landscape, pushing boundaries and captivating audiences.

For aspiring musicians and producers, creating Electro House EDM music requires an understanding of beat and rhythm production techniques, sound design and synthesis, arrangement and buildups, as well as mixing and mastering tips. Mastering these skills can help artists create their unique sound within the genre and make their mark in the Electro House EDM scene.

Key takeaways:

  • Electro House EDM: A genre of electronic dance music characterized by energetic beats, heavy basslines, and catchy melodies.
  • Influential Artists: The Prodigy, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix have been instrumental in popularizing and shaping the Electro House EDM genre.
  • Impact and Influence: Electro House EDM has had a significant impact on the music industry, inspiring the creation of new subgenres and captivating audiences worldwide.

What is Electro House EDM?

What is Electro House EDM?

Electro House EDM is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by its energetic beats and synthesized sounds. It originated in the early 2000s and has gained popularity worldwide. Incorporating elements of both electro and house music, Electro House EDM creates a high-energy, dance-floor-friendly atmosphere. Artists like Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and David Guetta have played a significant role in popularizing this genre. With its pulsating rhythms and infectious melodies, Electro House EDM is known for its ability to get crowds moving and creating an electrifying party atmosphere.

The Origins and Evolution of Electro House EDM

As the pulsating beats and electrifying melodies of Electro House EDM have taken the music scene by storm, understanding its origins and evolution becomes all the more intriguing. In this section, we’ll take a deep dive into the electrifying emergence of Electro House in the electronic music landscape. We’ll also explore the fascinating evolution and subgenres that have shaped the vibrant world of Electro House EDM. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey that will have you grooving in no time!

The Emergence of Electro House in the Electronic Music Scene

The Emergence of Electro House in the Electronic Music Scene brought a fresh energy and sound to the genre. It originated in the early 2000s, drawing influences from house music, techno, and electro. With its pulsating beats, driving basslines, and energetic buildups, electro house quickly gained popularity in clubs and festivals. Artists like The Prodigy, Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix became influential figures in shaping the genre. Tracks like “Animals” by Martin Garrix and “Internet Friends” by Knife Party became popular hits, propelling electro house into the mainstream. The Emergence of Electro House in the Electronic Music Scene has had a significant impact by revolutionizing the electronic music scene and attracting a diverse group of fans.

Evolution and Subgenres of Electro House EDM

The evolution of electro house EDM has given rise to various subgenres, each with its own unique characteristics and influences. Here is a table showcasing some notable subgenres and their key features:

Subgenre Description
Progressive House Features melodic and uplifting elements with a gradual build-up
Big Room Known for its high-energy drops and festival anthem feel
Complextro Combines elements of electro and dubstep with complex rhythms
Future House Incorporates deep basslines and funky grooves
Bass House Focuses on heavy basslines, blending elements of house and bass music
Tech House Emphasizes groove and percussion, with minimalistic arrangements
Electro Swing Mixes vintage jazz and swing with electronic beats

Pro-tip: Explore different subgenres of electro house EDM to discover your favorite sound and find inspiration for your own music production.

Characteristics of Electro House EDM

Electro House EDM is a genre known for its unique characteristics that captivate listeners and ignite dancefloors. In this section, we’ll dive into the distinct elements that define Electro House EDM. From the infectious beats and rhythm that drive the genre to the hypnotic synthesizers and basslines that create an irresistible energy, we’ll explore how these components come together to create an unforgettable sonic experience. We’ll touch upon the role of vocals and sampling, adding an extra layer of dimension and creativity to the genre. Get ready to be immersed in the dynamic world of Electro House EDM.

Beats and Rhythm

When it comes to electro house EDM, the beats and rhythm serve as the foundation. These two keywords are crucial in shaping the genre’s energetic and pulsating rhythm patterns, ensuring that the crowd stays in motion on the dance floor. To understand the key elements involved in creating beats and rhythm in electro house EDM, consider the following:

  • Kick and snare: The kick drum produces a powerful and punchy low-end sound, while the snare drum adds a sharp and crisp accent.
  • Syncopation: Electro house frequently incorporates syncopated rhythms, enhancing the sense of anticipation and excitement.
  • Buildups and drops: During the buildup section, tension progressively increases by utilizing rising pitch, fx, and filtered effects. The drop then releases an explosion of energy, delivering a forceful and impactful beat.
  • Offbeat elements: Including offbeat elements like claps or hi-hats can generate an infectious and driving groove.
  • Variations and fills: To keep the rhythm captivating, producers often introduce variations and fills, such as drum rolls or breakbeat sections.

By meticulously crafting the beats and rhythm, producers have the power to fashion a high-energy atmosphere that defines the electro house EDM genre.

Synthesizers and Basslines

Synthesizers and basslines are crucial components in crafting the energetic and dynamic sound of Electro House EDM.

  • Synthesizers: These instruments are essential for generating electronic sounds and melodies, playing a vital role in shaping the distinctive sound of Electro House EDM. Artists frequently employ a diverse range of synthesizers, such as virtual analog synths, FM synths, and wavetable synths, to craft unique and captivating melodies.
  • Basslines: Acting as the driving force behind Electro House EDM, basslines provide a powerful and groovy foundation to the music. Deep and impactful bass sounds are commonly achieved using synthesizers or specialized bass synthesizers. The basslines in Electro House EDM are often distinguished by their strong emphasis on rhythm and groove.

Energy and Buildups

The energy and buildups in electro house EDM are key elements that contribute to the genre’s intense and dynamic nature.

Energy – High BPM (beats per minute) ranging from 125 to 140. – Driving and relentless basslines. – Intense and energetic melodies.
Buildups – Gradual increase in tension and anticipation. – Layering of sounds and instruments. – Use of risers, sweeps, and effects to create impact.

Vocals and Sampling

When it comes to Electro House EDM, vocals and sampling play a vital role in adding a dynamic element to the music. Consider the following key points:

  • Vocals: Catchy vocals are a prominent feature in many Electro House EDM tracks. These vocals can either be sung by a featured artist or sampled from other songs. They range from melodic hooks to energizing chants, significantly enhancing the overall impact of the track.
  • Sampling: In Electro House EDM, sampling is a widely used technique where snippets of audio from different sources are incorporated into the track. This can include drum breaks, vocal phrases, or any other elements, resulting in a unique and eclectic sound.
  • Creativity: Artists often manipulate and modify sampled vocals to fit the track’s vibe. They apply effects, pitch adjustments, or even chop the vocals, allowing for creative experimentation and the development of signature sounds.
  • Impact: Well-executed vocals and sampling can elevate a track, injecting emotion, energy, and memorability. The right vocal hooks or sampled elements can ultimately become the defining characteristic of a successful Electro House EDM song.
  • Examples: Some notable tracks that exemplify the seamless incorporation of vocals and sampling in Electro House EDM are “One” by Swedish House Mafia, “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin, “Greyhound” by Swedish House Mafia, and “I Could Be the One” by Avicii vs. Nicky Romero.

By incorporating vocals and sampling, artists have the opportunity to create distinctive and memorable Electro House EDM tracks that deeply resonate with listeners.

Influential Artists and DJs in Electro House EDM

When it comes to the world of Electro House EDM, there are certain artists and DJs who have made a significant impact. In this section, we’re going to dive into the influential figures who have shaped the genre. From the groundbreaking sounds of The Prodigy to the iconic performances of Deadmau5, Skrillex, and Martin Garrix, we’ll explore the unique styles and contributions of these talented individuals. Get ready to groove to their beats and discover the evolution of Electro House EDM through their artistry.

The Prodigy

The Prodigy is a highly influential group in the Electro House EDM genre. They rose to fame in the 1990s with their unique blend of electronic beats, rock elements, and high-energy performances. Known for their hit tracks like “Firestarter” and “Breathe,” The Prodigy played a significant role in popularizing the genre and pushing its boundaries. Their aggressive sound, intense vocals, and experimental approach to production have inspired countless artists and shaped the evolution of Electro House EDM. The Prodigy’s impact on the music industry cannot be overstated, and their contribution to the genre continues to resonate with fans worldwide.


Deadmau5, also known as Joel Zimmerman, is a Canadian record producer and DJ who has made significant contributions to the world of electro house EDM. With his iconic mouse headgear and unique blend of progressive house and electro sounds, Deadmau5 has become one of the most recognizable figures in the electronic music scene. His tracks, including “Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff” and “Strobe,” have gained widespread popularity and are considered classics within the genre. Deadmau5’s influence extends beyond his music, as he has also been involved in designing his own stage productions, adding a visual element to his live performances. True story: Deadmau5 once performed at a small venue, where his energetic set captivated the crowd and left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.


Skrillex is a renowned artist and DJ in the genre of Electro House EDM. His unique sound and groundbreaking productions have had a significant impact on the electronic music scene. Skrillex is known for his aggressive and heavy basslines, intricate sound design, and energetic live performances. Songs like “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” and “Bangarang” have become iconic in the genre. Skrillex’s innovative approach to music production and his ability to blend different styles and genres have made him a leading figure in the industry. His influence can be seen in the work of many artists who have followed in his footsteps.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix is a prominent Dutch DJ and producer in the world of Electro House EDM. At just 17 years old, Garrix produced the chart-topping track “Animals,” launching him into international fame. Known for his energetic and melodic style, Martin Garrix has continued to create popular hits like “Scared to be Lonely” and “There for You.” He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Dua Lipa and Khalid, further solidifying his influence in the industry. Martin Garrix’s performances at major music festivals and his own label, STMPD RCRDS, demonstrate his dedication and impact on Electro House EDM.

Popular Electro House EDM Tracks and Hits

Get ready to groove and dance to the beats of some of the most popular electro house EDM tracks and hits! In this section, we’ll explore iconic tunes that have taken the electronic music scene by storm. From the energetic “Animals” by Martin Garrix to the heavy-hitting “Internet Friends” by Knife Party, and the mesmerizing vocals of “Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes, to the timeless anthem “Levels” by Avicii, this sub-section is a treasure trove of electrifying music that will keep you on your feet!

“Animals” by Martin Garrix


Artist Release Year Genre Chart Performance
Animals Martin Garrix 2013 Electro House Reached #1 on the Beatport Top 100 chart

Animals” by Martin Garrix is a popular Electro House track released in 2013. It quickly gained recognition and reached the top spot on the Beatport Top 100 chart. The song’s catchy melody, energetic beats, and pulsating basslines made it a favorite among EDM fans. It also showcased Martin Garrix’s talent as a young producer and DJ, propelling him to international fame. Fun Fact: “Animals” was responsible for popularizing the ‘big room’ sound and became a defining track in the Electro House genre.

“Internet Friends” by Knife Party

Internet Friends” by Knife Party is an iconic track in the Electro House EDM genre. Released in 2011, “Internet Friends” by Knife Party quickly gained popularity with its heavy basslines, aggressive synths, and catchy vocal samples. The track’s energetic buildups and powerful drops make “Internet Friends” by Knife Party a staple in DJ sets and festivals worldwide. “Internet Friends” by Knife Party showcases the dynamic and intense characteristics of Electro House EDM, with its pulsating beats and driving rhythms. It exemplifies the impact and influence that Electro House EDM has had on the music industry, shaping the sound of electronic dance music and creating a loyal fanbase.

“Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes

“Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes is a popular Electro House EDM track known for its catchy melody and emotional lyrics. Released in 2012, the song reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. With its energetic beats, pulsating basslines, and dynamic buildups, “Clarity” exemplifies the characteristics of Electro House music. Zedd’s masterful production and Foxes’ powerful vocals contribute to the track’s success. This song showcases the impact and influence of Electro House EDM in the music industry, attracting a wide audience with its infectious sound. The history of “Clarity” reflects the evolution of Electro House as a genre and its ability to create memorable hits.

“Levels” by Avicii


Artist Year Genre
“Levels” Avicii 2011 Electro House

“Levels” by Avicii is a popular Electro House track released in 2011. The song became a massive hit, showcasing Avicii’s talent for creating infectious melodies and catchy beats. The combination of melodic elements and energizing drops in “Levels” exemplifies the characteristic sound of Electro House EDM. Avicii’s contribution to the genre further solidified Electro House’s place in the music industry. The success of “Levels” influenced countless producers and DJs, inspiring them to explore the Electro House sound and create their own unique tracks.

For similar energetic tracks, consider checking out “Animals” by Martin Garrix, “Internet Friends” by Knife Party, and “Clarity” by Zedd ft. Foxes.

The Impact and Influence of Electro House EDM in the Music Industry

The Impact and Influence of Electro House EDM in the Music Industry has been profound, shaping the electronic music landscape. It emerged in the early 2000s, characterized by its energetic beats, heavy basslines, and catchy melodies. Electro House EDM has introduced a fresh and dynamic sound to clubs, festivals, and mainstream radio. Artists like David Guetta and Calvin Harris have pioneered this genre, fusing elements of house and electronic music with mainstream pop. The immense popularity of Electro House EDM has facilitated collaborations with artists spanning across various genres, resulting in an expanded reach and increased influence. Pro-tip: To truly immerse yourself in the energetic energy of Electro House EDM, attend live performances or listen on high-quality sound systems.

How to Create Electro House EDM Music

Discover the secrets of creating captivating Electro House EDM music in this section. Get ready to elevate your music production game with innovative techniques and insider tips. From mastering the art of beat and rhythm production to delving into sound design and synthesis, we will cover it all. Prepare to learn about arrangement and buildups that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. And finally, we will unveil expert tips for achieving pristine mixing and mastering. Let’s dive in and bring your Electro House EDM tracks to life!

Beat and Rhythm Production Techniques

  • Producing beat and rhythm in electro house EDM requires a combination of creativity and technical skills. Here are some essential beat and rhythm production techniques to consider:
  • Layering: Layer multiple drum sounds, such as kicks, snares, and hi-hats, to create a rich and energetic rhythm.
  • Sidechain Compression: Use sidechain compression to create the characteristic “pumping” effect, where the volume of one sound is momentarily reduced to make room for another sound.
  • Syncopation: Experiment with syncopated rhythms by placing accents on off-beat positions, creating a unique and groovy feel.
  • Automation: Automate volume, filter cutoffs, and other parameters to add movement and variation to the beats.
  • Sampling and Slicing: Use samples from various sources and manipulate them through slicing and rearranging to create intricate and innovative rhythms.

Sound Design and Synthesis

  • Sound design and synthesis are crucial elements in creating the unique and immersive experience of electro house EDM.
  • Sound design involves the manipulation and sculpting of individual sounds to create the desired timbres and textures in a track.
  • Synthesis, on the other hand, refers to the creation of sounds using electronic instruments such as synthesizers and samplers.
  • Producers utilize a variety of synthesis techniques like subtractive synthesis, FM synthesis, and wavetable synthesis to craft the signature sounds of electro house.
  • They experiment with parameters like oscillators, filters, envelopes, and modulation to achieve the desired tone and character.

Throughout the history of electro house EDM, sound design and synthesis have continually pushed the boundaries of music production, resulting in groundbreaking tracks and innovations. From the pioneering work of The Prodigy to the modern sounds of artists like Martin Garrix, sound design and synthesis have played a pivotal role in shaping the genre’s evolution.

Arrangement and Buildups

The arrangement and buildups are vital components in the creation of Electro House EDM music. Arrangement encompasses the structuring of different segments of a track, such as the intro, verse, chorus, and breakdown, to establish a seamless flow. Buildups are utilized to generate anticipation and energy leading up to a drop or climax in the track.

A meticulously executed arrangement and buildup have the power to amplify the impact and exhilaration of a track. Producers employ various techniques, including filtering, automation, and incorporating additional layers of percussion and synths, to gradually escalate tension and deliver a gratifying release. Skillfully implementing these techniques can enhance the overall impact and danceability of the music.

Mixing and Mastering Tips

To achieve a polished and professional sound in your Electro House EDM tracks, follow these Mixing and Mastering Tips:

  1. Start with a clean mix: Ensure that each element has its own space and frequency range without clashing.
  2. Balance the levels: Adjust the volume of each track to create a cohesive and balanced mix.
  3. Use EQ effectively: Cut unwanted frequencies and boost important elements to make them stand out.
  4. Compress the right way: Use compression to control dynamics and add punch and consistency to your mix.
  5. Layer and blend sounds: Experiment with layering different sounds to create a rich and complex texture.

Remember, practice and experimentation are key to developing your Mixing and Mastering skills. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try new techniques to make your tracks sound professional and impactful.

Some Facts About Electro House EDM:

  • ✅ Electro House EDM is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in North America in the mid-2000s. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • ✅ It is characterized by heavy bass and a tempo of around 125-135 beats per minute. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • ✅ Notable artists in the Electro House EDM genre include Benny Benassi, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Porter Robinson, and Deadmau5. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • ✅ Electro House EDM often features buzzing basslines created with sawtooth waves and distortion, as well as large bass drum sounds in a four-on-the-floor pattern. (Source: Wikipedia)
  • ✅ The genre’s tempo ranges between 125 and 135 beats per minute, incorporating melodic elements and electro-influenced samples and synths. (Source: Wikipedia)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electro House EDM?

Electro House EDM is a genre of electronic dance music that emerged in the mid-2000s and gained popularity worldwide. It is characterized by heavy bass, upbeat tempo, and electronic elements, creating an energetic and catchy sound.

What are some notable artists in the Electro House genre?

Notable artists in the Electro House genre include Benny Benassi, Skrillex, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Porter Robinson, and Deadmau5. These artists have contributed to the popularity and evolution of the genre.

How does Electro House incorporate electro-influenced samples and synths?

Electro House incorporates electro-influenced samples and synths by blending them with heavy basslines and electronic elements. This combination creates a unique sound that sets Electro House apart from other genres within the electronic dance music scene.

What is the role of EDM Joy in promoting Electro House music?

EDM Joy is a platform dedicated to promoting Electro House music and its subgenres. They provide a platform for artists to showcase their work and increase their visibility by reposting tracks from various artists within the genre. Their promotion efforts help reach a larger audience.

Can you give examples of Electro House tracks released by EDM Joy?

Some Electro House tracks released by EDM Joy include “Alien” by RIJ, “Pantheon (Radio Edit)” by Rioz & Skytone Vs. Luke Alive, “Karnage” by JERMUK, “Sauron” by Darko & Mario Suppa, and “Blow Dat Trumpet” by Dwaine Whyte. These tracks showcase the diversity within the genre and highlight the talent of various artists.

What are the defining characteristics of Electro House, such as the bassline and tempo?

Electro House is characterized by heavy basslines, often created with buzzing basslines using sawtooth waves and distortion. The genre typically has a tempo ranging from 125 to 135 beats per minute. It also features large bass drum sounds in a four-on-the-floor pattern, adding to its energetic and dynamic nature.

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