Ambient Drum & Bass is a unique genre that combines the elements of ambient music with the rhythmic patterns and beats of drum and bass. It creates a tranquil and atmospheric sonic landscape while maintaining the characteristic energy and intensity of drum and bass. The origins and history of ambient drum & bass can be traced back to the emergence of drum and bass music in the 1990s and its subsequent evolution to incorporate ambient influences.

Ambient drum & bass is characterized by its specific tempos and beats that provide a more relaxed and immersive experience compared to traditional drum and bass. The atmospheric and textural elements play a crucial role in creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere, often achieved through the use of lush synthesizers, atmospheric samples, and intricate sound design. The genre also encompasses various subgenres such as liquid drum and bass, intelligent drum and bass, and atmospheric drum and bass, each with its distinctive sound and mood.

The influences and inspirations in ambient drum & bass come from different sources. Ambient and downtempo music have played a significant role in shaping the genre, providing a foundation for the ambient elements and experimental soundscapes. Jungle and breakbeat music have also influenced the rhythmic aspects and intricate drum patterns in ambient drum & bass, adding a dynamic and energetic dimension to the genre.

Many talented artists and labels have contributed to the development and popularity of ambient drum & bass. Pioneering artists in the ambient drum & bass scene include LTJ Bukem, Calibre, and Nu:Tone, who have pushed the boundaries of the genre and carved their unique sound. Notable labels and collectives such as Good Looking Records, Hospital Records, and Blu Mar Ten Music have provided platforms for artists and released groundbreaking ambient drum & bass music.

The impact and reception of ambient drum & bass have been growing steadily over the years. The genre has gained a dedicated fan base and has found its place in various music scenes and events, including festivals and ambient music showcases. The reception from the drum & bass community has been generally positive, with many artists and listeners appreciating the genre’s fusion of atmospheric soundscapes, intricate rhythms, and immersive experiences.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the world of ambient drum & bass, exploring its origins, characteristics, influences, notable artists, labels, and the impact it has had on the music community. Join us as we embark on a journey through the mesmerizing soundscape of ambient drum & bass.

Key takeaways:

  • Ambient Drum & Bass is a genre of electronic music that combines the atmospheric characteristics of ambient music with the fast-paced beats and rhythms of drum and bass.
  • Ambient Drum & Bass emerged from the evolution of drum and bass music, incorporating elements of downtempo and jungle music, and is known for its slower tempos and immersive textures.
  • Ambient Drum & Bass has gained popularity in recent years and has been well-received within the drum and bass community, providing a more chilled and introspective alternative to the traditional high-energy sound.

What is Ambient Drum & Bass?

What is Ambient Drum & Bass?

Ambient Drum & Bass, also known as sub-genre, is a unique fusion of electronic music that combines the ambient and atmospheric elements of ambient music with the energetic beats and basslines of drum and bass. This genre is characterized by its downtempo tempo and relaxed vibe, creating a captivating and immersive listening experience. Incorporating lush textures, atmospheric pads, and intricate melodic elements, Ambient Drum & Bass offers a combination of deep and ethereal sounds with the driving rhythms of drum and bass. It is particularly popular among individuals who appreciate the enchanting blend of ambient soundscapes and the intricate rhythms of drum and bass.

The Origins and History of Ambient Drum & Bass

The Origins and History of Ambient Drum & Bass takes us on a sonic journey, exploring the emergence and evolution of this captivating genre. From the early days when Drum & Bass music first surfaced, to the transformative blend that gave birth to Ambient Drum & Bass, each sub-section uncovers a pivotal chapter in its development. So buckle up and prepare to dive into the rich musical landscape where beats meet ethereal atmospheres, and discover the fascinating story behind this genre’s roots and transformation.

The Emergence of Drum & Bass Music

The Emergence of Drum & Bass Music can be traced back to the early 1990s in the UK. It originated from jungle and breakbeat music, evolving into a distinctive genre with its own unique characteristics. Drum and bass is known for its fast tempos and intricate beats, typically ranging from 160 to 180 beats per minute. It incorporates atmospheric and textural elements, creating a mesmerizing and immersive experience for listeners. This genre has gained popularity over the years, with a growing community of artists, labels, and fans. The reaction from the drum and bass community towards the emergence of this music has been largely positive, embracing the innovation and creativity it brings to the scene.

Pro-tip: To appreciate the full experience of Drum & Bass Music, listen to it on a good pair of headphones or a high-quality sound system. The intricate beats and immersive atmospheric elements are best enjoyed with enhanced audio clarity.

The Evolution of Ambient Drum & Bass

The evolution of ambient drum & bass, influenced by various factors, has undergone significant changes over time. Originally emerging from the drum & bass music scene, ambient drum & bass gradually developed its own distinct characteristics and elements. Compared to traditional drum & bass, the tempo and beats of ambient drum & bass are typically slower, creating a more relaxed and atmospheric vibe. The incorporation of atmospheric and textural elements, such as ethereal pads and haunting melodies, further sets ambient drum & bass apart. The subgenres within ambient drum & bass, including liquid drum & bass and deep drum & bass, have also played a role in its evolution and diversity. This evolution has been shaped by the influence of ambient and downtempo music, as well as jungle and breakbeat music. Consequently, ambient drum & bass has gained popularity and recognition within the electronic music community.

The Characteristics and Elements of Ambient Drum & Bass

Ambient Drum & Bass is a genre that captivates the senses with its unique blend of sounds and rhythms. In this section, we will dive into the characteristics and elements that define this mesmerizing style of music. From the tempos and beats that set the foundation, to the atmospheric and textural elements that create an immersive experience, and the diverse subgenres that offer different variations, get ready to explore the dynamic world of ambient drum & bass. So, let’s embark on this sonic journey together!

The Tempos and Beats

The Tempos and Beats are essential components of ambient drum and bass music, playing a crucial role in defining the genre’s rhythm and energy. In this genre, the Tempos vary depending on the subgenre and the artist’s creative choices. To give you an idea of the different Tempos, here is a table showcasing the commonly found ones in ambient drum and bass:

Tempo Range Tempo Description
140-170 BPM Mainstream Drum and Bass Tempo
170-180 BPM Higher Energy Drum and Bass Tempo
120-140 BPM Ambient and Downtempo Drum and Bass Tempo

In addition to Tempos, the Beats in ambient drum and bass hold significance, bearing a syncopated and intricate nature derived from elements of jungle and breakbeat music. These Beats contribute to the unique and captivating fusion of mellow textures and energetic rhythms that define the genre.

Ambient drum and bass emerged alongside the development of drum and bass music in the 1990s, as artists began to explore softer and more atmospheric sounds. This exploration gave rise to the subgenre of ambient drum and bass, which has since evolved and expanded to captivate listeners with its distinctive blend of mellow textures and energetic rhythms.

The Atmospheric and Textural Elements

Ambient drum & bass is characterized by its atmospheric and textural elements, the atmospheric elements include reverb-soaked pads, distant vocals, and subtle background noises while the textural elements involve intricate percussion patterns, granular synthesis, and intricate sound design. These atmospheric and textural elements set ambient drum & bass apart from traditional drum & bass and create a unique and captivating listening experience. The genre also incorporates ethereal soundscapes, cinematic textures, and lush melodies, further enhancing the dreamy and immersive atmosphere. Artists like LTJ Bukem and Blu Mar Ten have mastered the art of incorporating the atmospheric and textural elements, allowing them to create hypnotic and introspective productions within the ambient drum & bass subgenre.

The Subgenres of Ambient Drum & Bass

The subgenres of ambient drum & bass, including Jazzstep, Liquid Drum & Bass, Dark Ambient Drum & Bass, and Intelligent Drum & Bass, add diversity and experimentation to the genre. These subgenres allow artists to explore different sonic landscapes and moods while incorporating elements such as jazz samples, complex rhythms, improvisational elements, lush atmospheric textures, soulful vocals, rolling beats, haunting synths, eerie samples, heavy basslines, intricate drum patterns, intricate melodies, and atmospheric soundscapes. This fusion of ambient music with the energy and rhythms of drum & bass creates a more relaxed, uplifting, and sometimes darker and atmospheric vibe.

The Influences and Inspirations in Ambient Drum & Bass

In the realm of ambient drum & bass, the magic lies not only in the beats but also in the diverse range of influences and inspirations behind it. Prepare to embark on a sonic journey as we explore the captivating sub-sections of this section: the influence of ambient and downtempo music, and the influence of jungle and breakbeat music. Get ready to discover how these genres have shaped and molded the unique soundscapes of ambient drum & bass, creating an immersive and mesmerizing musical experience.

The Influence of Ambient and Downtempo Music

  • The Influence of Ambient and Downtempo Music
  • Ambient and downtempo music have had a profound impact on the realm of ambient drum & bass.
  • These genres have greatly influenced the sound and style of ambient drum & bass.
  • One way they have influenced this sub-genre is through mood setting.
  • Ambient and downtempo music create immersive and atmospheric soundscapes, setting the perfect tone for the ethereal and introspective nature of ambient drum & bass.
  • Another aspect where their influence is evident is in the instrumentation.
  • Lush and dreamy synth pads, soothing melodies, and organic sounds are frequently used in ambient drum & bass tracks, thanks to ambient and downtempo music.
  • Rhythmic patterns in ambient drum & bass have also been shaped by the relaxed and slow-paced nature of downtempo beats and rhythms.
  • These rhythms have paved the way for the laid-back and intricate drum patterns that are characteristic of ambient drum & bass.
  • Lastly, the influence of ambient and downtempo music can be seen in the collaborations between artists.
  • Many musicians blur the lines between ambient, downtempo, and drum & bass, partnering with producers from different genres.
  • This has resulted in a unique fusion of styles and influences in the realm of ambient drum & bass.

The Influence of Jungle and Breakbeat Music

  • The Influence of Jungle and Breakbeat Music: Jungle music, with its fast breakbeats and heavy basslines, had a significant influence on the development of ambient drum & bass.
  • Breakbeat music, known for its rhythmic variety and chopped up drum patterns, also played a crucial role in shaping the sound of ambient drum & bass.
  • The fusion of jungle and breakbeat elements with ambient textures and atmospheres created a unique hybrid genre that appealed to a wider audience.
  • Artists like LTJ Bukem, Photek, and Source Direct pioneered this fusion and helped popularize the genre.
  • Labels such as Good Looking Records and Metalheadz became synonymous with the ambient drum & bass sound.

Pro-tip: When exploring ambient drum & bass, look for tracks that seamlessly blend elements of jungle and breakbeat music with ethereal atmospheres for a truly immersive sonic experience.

The Artists and Labels Associated with Ambient Drum & Bass

Step into the mesmerizing world of ambient drum & bass and discover the talented artists and labels that shape this captivating genre. Unearth the visionary pioneers who have pushed the boundaries of sound and rhythm in the ambient drum & bass scene. Dive into the vibrant community of labels and collectives that foster creativity and collaboration within this unique musical realm. Brace yourself for a sonic journey like no other as we delve into the artists and labels associated with ambient drum & bass.

Pioneering Artists in the Ambient Drum & Bass Scene

Pioneering artists in the Ambient Drum & Bass Scene have played a pivotal role in shaping and defining the genre. These artists have pushed the boundaries of electronic music, combining elements of ambient soundscapes and rhythmic drum & bass beats. Artists like LTJ Bukem, Future Sound of London, and Kid Loops have been instrumental in creating the unique atmospheric and immersive sound that characterizes ambient drum & bass. Their innovative production techniques and musical experimentation have paved the way for the genre’s evolution and have inspired countless artists to explore the intersection of ambient and drum & bass music.

Notable Labels and Collectives in the Ambient Drum & Bass Community

There are numerous Notable Labels and Collectives in the Ambient Drum & Bass Community:

  • 1. Looking Good Records: Known for releasing atmospheric drum & bass with a chilled vibe.
  • 2. Good Looking Records: Established by LTJ Bukem, focuses on melodic and soulful drum & bass.
  • 3. Fokuz Recordings: A Dutch label that showcases a blend of liquid and atmospheric drum & bass.
  • 4. Omni Music: Features experimental and forward-thinking drum & bass music.
  • 5. Med School Music: A sister label of Hospital Records, known for releasing eclectic and diverse drum & bass.

Fact: The ambient drum & bass community is constantly evolving, with new labels and collectives emerging to push the boundaries of the genre.

The Impact and Reception of Ambient Drum & Bass

Ambient Drum & Bass has made waves in the music industry, leaving a lasting impact and stirring up various reactions. Delving into the growing popularity of this genre, we uncover the undeniable influence it has had on music enthusiasts worldwide. We explore the intriguing dynamics and responses from the drum & bass community, shedding light on the contrasting perspectives surrounding this unique blend of music. Prepare to witness the transformative power and diverse reception of ambient drum & bass.

The Growing Popularity of Ambient Drum & Bass

The growing popularity of ambient drum & bass can be attributed to several factors.

  • Innovation: Artists are pushing the boundaries of the genre by incorporating new sounds and experimental techniques.
  • Online Platforms: The rise of streaming platforms and online communities has made it easier for fans to discover and share ambient drum & bass music.
  • Increased Experiences: The genre provides listeners with a unique and immersive sonic experience, perfect for relaxation or introspection.
  • Cross-Genre Appeal: Ambient drum & bass attracts fans from various music backgrounds, appealing to both electronic and ambient music enthusiasts.
  • Live Performances: The growing popularity of ambient drum & bass acts performing live at events and festivals has contributed to its expanding fanbase.

The Reaction from the Drum & Bass Community

The Reaction from the Drum & Bass Community towards ambient drum & bass has been mixed. Some members of the community appreciate the fusion of ambient and drum & bass elements, finding it refreshing and innovative. They enjoy the atmospheric and textural qualities that ambient drum & bass brings to the genre. There are others who feel that it deviates too far from the traditional drum & bass sound. They argue that it lacks the energy and intensity that defines drum & bass music. The Reaction from the Drum & Bass Community towards ambient drum & bass is a subject of debate and personal preference.

Some Facts About Ambient Drum & Bass:

  • ✅ Ambient Drum & Bass emerged in the mid-1990s as a subgenre of Drum and Bass. (Source: Rate Your Music)
  • ✅ It is characterized by de-emphasized breakbeats and a focus on melodic elements like slow, warm basslines and atmospheric melodies. (Source: Rate Your Music)
  • ✅ LTJ Bukem and his label are examples of old school Ambient Drum & Bass artists. (Source: Reddit)
  • ✅ Modern artists incorporate an ambient feel into their Drum & Bass music in the Atmospheric Drum & Bass genre. (Source: Reddit)
  • ✅ The BPM range for Ambient Drum & Bass is commonly between 160 and 180. (Source: Rate Your Music)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Atmospheric Drum & Bass?

Ambient Drum & Bass, also known as Atmospheric Jungle or Intelligent Drum & Bass, is a genre of music that emerged in the mid-1990s. It combines elements of drum and bass music with atmospheric melodies, slow basslines, and ambient house inspired sounds.

Can you recommend any modern artists who incorporate an ambient feel in their Drum & Bass music?

Certainly! Some modern artists who are known for their incorporation of ambient elements in their Drum & Bass music are LTJ Bukem, who is considered a pioneer of the genre, and his label Good Looking Records. Other notable artists include lunchbox, who has been praised for their creativity and talent.

Where can I find fresh music recommendations for Atmospheric Drum & Bass?

You can find fresh music recommendations for Atmospheric Drum & Bass every Friday through email. Simply subscribe to a service or website that specializes in highlighting atmospheric Drum & Bass releases, such as Bandcamp’s “Atmospheric Drum & Bass” tag, to stay updated with the latest releases in this genre.

Are there any all-time best-selling Atmospheric Drum & Bass tracks?

Yes, there is a list available of all-time best-selling Atmospheric Drum & Bass tracks. You can explore this list on platforms like Bandcamp or other music streaming services to discover popular tracks within the genre.

What are some top-ranked albums in Atmospheric Drum & Bass?

Some top-ranked albums in Atmospheric Drum & Bass include “Demon’s Theme / A Couple of Beats” (1992), “Hardcore Vol. 9” (1993), and “Imperial Stix EP” (1993). These albums have garnered average ratings ranging from 3.00 to 3.69, showcasing their popularity within the genre.

Where can I find Drum & Bass recommendations from fans?

If you’re looking for Drum & Bass recommendations from fans, platforms like RateYourMusic or Reddit can be great sources. On RateYourMusic, you can explore lists curated by users, while on Reddit, there are dedicated communities like r/DnB where you can find people discussing and sharing their favorite Drum & Bass tracks and artists.

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